RAE University is a space for Rich Aunties to build the various forms of wealth that will grant them the luxurious future they deserve.

RAE University is Rich Auntie Energy’s newest endeavor. Join us as we talk about all the ways to gain and maintain that Rich Auntie Wealth that we all are aiming to attain. Whether you’re hoping to increase your financial wealth, mental wealth, social wealth or emotional wealth this is a space where we can evolve together.

Our goal is to meet each other where we are and build each other up  by sharing knowledge and owning our power. Are you ready to own your energy? Are you ready to own your Rich Auntie Energy in every way? If so, press play. Let’s get to it we’ve got work to do auntie!

RAE University Budget Planner

We developed this budget planner because we noticed a need. We can manifest the new jobs, promotions and raises but it’s also important to maintain and build the wealth we manifest in a healthy and conscious manner.

Our goal is to affirm, encourage and provide you with resources to help you do just that.

We always say, “You’re already rich. You’re just waiting on the check to clear.”

This budget planner is the first step towards your being prepared for the day that deposit clears.

This budget planner is undated because we want you to know that we will always meet you where you are.

Stay hopeful, motivated, and in a place to receive.

Let’s get started Rich Auntie!

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RAE University Podcast: Budgeting 101

On this episode of the RAE University Podcast we sit with Evette Rudolph, Founder & CEO of Financial PoeTree LLC, to discuss how having a money mindset is the starting point to financial wealth. Evette gives brief but powerful tips on how to recognize and unlearn toxic money habits.