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RAE University Budget Planner (The Rich Auntie Budget Planner)

RAE University Budget Planner (The Rich Auntie Budget Planner)

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We developed this budget planner because we noticed a need. We can manifest the new jobs, promotions and raises but it’s also important to maintain and build the wealth we manifest, in a healthy and conscious manner.

Our goal is to affirm, encourage and provide Rich Aunties with the resources they need to be the highest version of themselves.

We always say, “
You’re already rich. You’re just waiting on the check to clear.”

This budget planner is the first step towards your being prepared for the day that deposit clears.

This budget planner is undated because we want you to know that we will always meet you where you are.

Stay hopeful, motivated, and in a place to receive.

Let’s get started Rich Auntie!


ISBN: 978-1-387-83010-7
All Rights Reserved: Rich Auntie Energy, LLC, 2022

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