Welcome to the Rich Auntie Circle

for the networking aunties

Be Kind & Courteous.

We're all in this together to create a safe & welcoming environment. Let's treat each other with respect. Healthy debates are normal and sometimes needed, but kindness is a requirement.

No Promotions or Spam.

Self promotion, spam and irrelevant links aren't allowed. Stick to the topic and purpose of the Circle.

Respect each others privacy.

Membership in this group demands mutual respect & trust. Without that we can get no where. Authentic conversation are what help us all to flourish and grow. These conversations and some information shared may be sensitive & private. Let's keep what's shared in the Circle in the Circle.

Positive Vibes ONLY!

Everyone has bad days but this is space where you can leave your day at the "door". Negative and toxic energy will not be allowed or fostered. 2 Strikes and you're out!**

This is not a self-promoting, business oriented group. You CANNOT promote your business & absolutely no mention of or trying to recruit people to join your MLM company. You will be BLOCKED. Please agree! 😊