Rich Auntie Energy - Founded in 2020

For the Wealth Manifesting Aunties

RAE is a community that gives women the space to loudly and boldly tell their story with three simple words.

With an affirmation.

Rich Auntie Energy.

We are building a space that allows women to be proud of all that makes them whole. All that makes them the Rich Auntie.

The Rich Auntie Energy lifestyle is for...

Aunties by relation or relationship.

Aunties of all ages.

Aunties who have children and those of us who do not.

Aunties who have wealth and those that are manifesting it.

Aunties who know that wealth isn't limited to the monetary but that their wealth is bound to their knowledge, confidence, love, compassion, strength, and softness.

Aunties who know their worth and add tax, interest and a service charge or two.

Rich Auntie Energy is for the aunties who have an aura that maintains a level of luxury based on their vibe alone.

Is that you?

If so, we welcome you and are grateful to be in your orbit, if even in the smallest way.

To be a Rich Auntie is a blessing… to have Rich Auntie Energy is a calling.

Welcome to the Rich Auntie Lifestyle.


T - Neé and TT Lex