What Makes a Rich Auntie?

What Makes a Rich Auntie?


 What makes a Rich  Auntie?

 What qualities does she possess?

Is the “rich auntie” really rich, or does she just not have kids?

I don’t know about y’all but when I think “rich auntie”, (hold up let’s put the capital respect on Rich Auntie), I think she can be both, either/or, OR neither.

 ALL Rich Aunties have wealth, and SOME Rich Aunties don’t have little ones. Both are valid and should be affirmed as the dope a#$ Aunties they are.

I’ve slightly touched on this before in my previous Blog “Aunties” but let’s dig in (I hate when people say let’s “dig in” but here we go *inserts Super Mario voice*).

We here at RAE, T-Neé & Auntie Lex, think that Rich Aunties are aunties by relation or relationship. Single, Married or Minding Their Damn Business 💁🏾‍♀️.

The wealth that makes them “rich” isn’t limited to the monetary.

When I think about what makes a “Rich Auntie” rich, I reflect on the feeling I get when I think about the Rich Aunties I’ve been blessed to know.

The Rich Aunties of my childhood were single, married, dating, (minding their damn business) worked a 9-5p, sold Mary Kay or Avon, went to college, hustled to live the lifestyle they wanted directly out of H.S., and made fire Baked Macaroni and Sock it To Me Cake. 

They wore their hair natural, pressed, relaxed, weaved, or braided.

They came to gatherings with their boyfriend, husband, best friend, kids (all my cousins and “cousins” ...iykyk) or by themselves.

 They were always fly, even when they were running to the gas station. No, they did not wear bonnets or headscarves outside.

They “spoke well”, they spoke Ebonics, they spoke without talking.

From the lift of an eyebrow, to the smirk I just learned to master, to the way they filled a room…they spoke without speaking.  

I’m not sure what qualities the Rich Aunties in your life hold but I know the Rich Aunties that groomed me, that I keep around me…have an aura that maintains a level of luxury based on their vibe alone.

Rich Aunties aren’t defined by monetary wealth (not that a hefty number of digits in a bank account hurts) but their wealth is bound to their knowledge, confidence, love, compassion, strength, and softness.

The fact that they know how to get money, AND SPEND MONEY, is just a measurable bonus on top of all the other indescribable qualities they possess.

It’s annoying that I even have to say this, but Rich Aunties aren’t defined by their uterus.

 Whether they have children or choose not to.

Children help define your status on taxes NOT whether you have the Rich Auntie vibe.

 When talking about Rich Auntie qualities, leave whether a woman has had their uterus occupied out of the conversation (and I say this as I have proudly been Team Captain of the #NoOccupyUterus brigade for 30 years).

To be a Rich Auntie is a blessing… to have Rich Auntie Energy is a calling.  

What does this topic call out of you?

Ring off in the comments below or let us know your thoughts on our IG @richauntieenergy!

Yours Truly,


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Hey Niecey! 😊
I stumbled upon your blog via FB and my heart is SO full. You are such a great story teller because I FELT this article. It made me feel so proud to be an Auntie, I love it even more! I felt so proud of you while reading this and I don’t know you personally. Looking forward to your greatness!
Auntie Dotty “Honey T”


I whole heartedly agree! I am the Rich Auntie who hasn’t had kids …yet and no, I don’t have biological nieces or nephews. But if I love you and you’re family to me then BAM…I’m your kids’ Rich Auntie! I possess all the greatness of my ancestors (The Rich Aunties) before me…. And that’s on who???? Mary had a little lamb ♥️

Paris Smith

I’m the rich auntie with a kid! I ask them all the time “have you ever met a real ni**a rockstar!? “Yes! Your auntie is a rockstar!” Ha!


I’m a 43 year old no kids having Rich Auntie. And I agree with all you said in your post. I hope some young girls are looking at me know thinking “I wanna be fly like that in my 40s”

Alona Ballard

Preach!!!!!!! Love this!!

Shon B

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