The Process

The Process

When a thought becomes a goal is a crazy process. 

I remember sitting at Bar Louie's in Hyde Park, pre-COVID, (bows head in prayer...R.I.P) with Alexis joking about being a rich auntie but not using those exact words. I remember waking up a few weeks ago on some super spontaneous impulsive ish thinking "Hey, I'm going to design a T-Shirt". From that impulsivity came the OG Rich Auntie T-Shirt. 

I took a bunch of pics (you know about 50 of the same pose, cause we gotta poke that hip right and suck that gut in) to post on IG & FB. I thought I was cute as hell that day too! Sis, I watched like 20 hours of box braid tutorials on YouTube, bought some 25-inch braid hair from Amazon (thanks me risking it all buying some damn unseen braid hair praying it won't be SOS pad material), and got to it!

I had a decent social media response for a regular (but extra ass) post. And theennnn comes Alexis ass. The greatest hype woman to ever live. The young rich auntie that gases me up no matter what's happening. I swear I be pump 87 and she makes me feel pump 93 premium OK bayybeee! hahaha. Lex called me saying that we should make my Rich Auntie idea a thing. You know a brand...since it's already a lifestyle. I was unconvinced and after further "hypage" ( I know that's not a word...don't be the grammar police we don't need your kind, I pay for Grammarly...don't ask why I KNOW :/) I was convinced and now.... it is 12:46a on May 25, 2020, and I'm writing the first blog because we're going to start following y'all on social media and we need for something to be on this damn website. 

So I'm here putting my stream of consciousness on paper (Gmail drafts) hoping whoever reads this makes it this far and isn't totally annoyed with my sidebar conversations to myself....but meant for you. (Yeah, I'm not sure if it's the Titos and margarita mix or itis I'm feeling from the baked macaroni and sweet potatoes that got me this random.)

Blah! Well I think this is enough for a first blog, the prequel to blogs about actual subjects that make sense. 

Gotta start somewhere...

Well we're and Lex planning out the next shirt designs and contemplating investing in so many things for Rich Auntie Energy. In due time. Until then follow us on social media and tell a Rich Auntie to tell a Rich Auntie to join the lifestyle. 

ok bye, 


T- Neé

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Yess! I love it here♥️


I love love loveeeee the brand idea ladies. Saw this and instantly fell in love with the brand. This is literally me. So excited to see the brand grow and looking forward to supporting even more!


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