The Audacity Chronicles

The Audacity Chronicles

I am thrilled to announce that I have completed the Bank of America Institute at Cornell University, Women's Entrepreneurship Certificate Program! 🎉

In 2020, I co-founded Rich Auntie Energy LLC, a lifestyle and apparel brand, with my sister. We took an affirmation, a lifestyle, and created a business—and more importantly, a community. The audacity of two Black Girls from the SouthSide of Chicago to start a business with no funding, guidance or prior business knowledge.

I often reflect on how we have managed to build a business that essentially sustains itself. I marvel at how I’ve designed, curated, managed, and marketed a business that made it onto the desk of a Good Morning America reporter. I sit in awe as I think about the hours I spent absorbing everything I could about running a business from Google, YouTube University, and TikTok College. I sit in wonder as I reflect on building my own Entrepreneurial Toolkit from nothing but grit, ambition and audacity.

Oh, the places you can go as a millennial with an internet connection. 😉

While I had a relatively strong understanding of business planning and processes, the #eCornell program equipped me with essential skills to navigate the complexities of business ownership that social media doesn't address. The insights gained on raising capital, pitching strategies, crafting financial projections, and team building were invaluable, providing me with practical tools to enhance my entrepreneurial journey. These tools are now part of my arsenal, ready to be used throughout my journey.

Beyond the technical aspects, the program fostered a supportive community of women entrepreneurs, where we shared our experiences and learned from each other's challenges.

I am grateful to the Bank of America Institute at Cornell University for providing me with the opportunity to connect with inspiring individuals and learn from industry leaders. The program has enriched my entrepreneurial toolkit, and I am confident that the skills and insights I have acquired will propel my business and professional career to new heights.

If you aspire to become a successful woman entrepreneur, I highly recommend considering the Bank of America Institute at Cornell University, Women's Entrepreneurship Certificate Program.

Thank you, Bank of America Institute at Cornell University, for providing me with the tools to be even more audacious and ambitious!

Resources for Entrepreneurs: 

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  • This program has six two-week courses. View the curriculum here

The American Dream Academy:

  • The American Dream Academy offers free and flexible online education. In just six months, you can gain both in-demand technical and workplace skills by engaging in free online courses at your own pace, on your own time, on Coursera’s online learning platform.
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