Thank you.

Thank you.

The messages and emails we receive from aunties after they’ve found our page or IG are unmatched.

These women are so grateful to us for creating a space where they feel seen and heard.

So many times women have messaged us and said how they DONT want to have kids & have always felt judgment for it.

So many women message us that they have ALWAYS wanted kids but health complications have recently made that impossible. 

So many women message us that they have children BUT they want to be recognized for the love they have for the their nieces and nephews also. Their first babies…

Rich Aunties are not a monolith and are important and needed.

A selfie with a rich auntie t-shirt created a space for women to feel seen, heard, uplifted, and loved. 

Making money is cool and just a part of the goal. 

But these women. These aunties. They’re the reason I keep going when I want to quit. They’re the reason we will be greater than imaginable. 

I am humbled and grateful for it all.

Rich Auntie Energy has always been more than shirts and merch. 

This is an affirmation. This is a lifestyle.

To be a Rich Auntie is a blessing… to have Rich Auntie Energy is a calling.

Thank You to all the RAEs for answering the call.

- T-Nee

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