Manifesting Our Dreams…3 Years Later

Manifesting Our Dreams…3 Years Later

We started RAE with a wish and a prayer that what was meant for us will never miss us. We’re beyond grateful for that wish to be consistently proven true.

We went from selling only one shirt (OG RAE Shirt) to having almost 100 different drops in just 3 years time.

From trying to make shirts with a Cricut in my 400 sq ft apartment in Hyde Park, Chicago and having to reprint and reship over 50 orders because the logo was falling off the damn shirts. Lawd knows the struggle was real & yes we lost out on so much $$.

From getting a 2 bedroom in Bronzeville, just so that RAE could have more space to store and ship from. To finally being able to afford to pay someone to print shirts.

To realizing we were losing money outsourcing and then being able to afford an industrial heat press and working in an over 100 degree room at the height of Summer Time Chi because you couldn’t run the AC & the heat press at the same time. Chile…the ghetto.

To being able to afford a mini warehouse, to being able to afford to outsource again and realizing you wasted money on so much stuff for the warehouse.

From 100 Rich Aunties in our community to over 12,000.

From RAE being able to self fund itself, since our initial investment of about $500 each, for about 2 years. To that 2nd year having to give $,$$$ that we didn’t have to spare from our personal finances just to keep RAE going.

To having no trademarks to having Rich Auntie Energy registered and Rich Auntie in queue (we’re sending cease and desists to all those other Rich Auntie brands…wait on it.)

From being featured in The Root, XoNecole, Shoutout Atlanta, Fox 5 NYC and now Good Morning America …man we are beyond grateful!

I would say we almost can’t believe our luck but that’s not true. I believe everything that has happened is because the goal of Rich Auntie Energy has been simple from the start. We’ve never just been an apparel line, RAE is an echo chamber for all of the women that deserve their flowers for what they give to our youth, families, friends  and generally what they give to the culture.

Rich Auntie Energy is a community, a calling card and an affirmation.

Rich Auntie Energy is you, me, and the women we are becoming.

Thank you for allowing us to keep this community going for 3 years.

We are still grateful to be in your orbit, if even in the smallest way.

Love, Light & Wealth,

The Aunties

T-Neé & Rich Auntie Lex

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