It all started with a selfie…

It all started with a selfie…

One year ago today. 365 days ago I posted these photos.

Since then...

We got our LLC on May 27th 2020

We launched on Juneteenth - June 19, 2020

Had our 1st Annual Rich Auntie Juneteenth Bonfire


Had 22 Merch Drops

Had 12K website visits

Had over 17K Google Impressions


Reached over 180K people on FB

Reached over 185K people on Instagram

Went from about 100 IG followers to over 4K

Had over 700 units sold.

We were the highlight feature of an article in The Root.

We were featured in an article on @XoNecole.

We made in 3 months this year what we made in our first 6 months of being in business last year.

We started a business with less than $2000 and our business has been sustaining itself since 30 days after we launched.

I’m not saying all this to brag…trust me I’m not.

Because if I’m being honest these stats could be better and WILL BE this time a year from now. I just stopped reading a book about social media marketing so I can write this...

I’m trying to figure out how to convert that 180K reach to $DOLLAR$. So we can be millionaires several times over. But I’ll aim for the 12K site visit conversion FOR NOW because I know I can make a plan for that. I know what we have in store for RAE this summer and fall.

I know what’s destined. I know what’s been written because I wrote the check... I’m just waiting for the sign to pencil in the date.

I’m saying this so that whoever is thinking about starting a business can STOP 🛑 THINKING and DO IT.

I designed a sweatshirt. I took pictures in a sweatshirt. A had a few dozen people show interest. I developed and redeveloped and redeveloped a social media campaign in a pandemic with no real clue what the hell I was doing. I STILL don’t know what the hell I’m doing. Google, YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram University taught me.

I stepped out on faith.

I banked on the thought that there are so many women out there like me. So many women looking for recognition in a world that doesn’t truly recognize women outside of the functions of their uterus and their marital status.

I made a choice to recognize the women that no one brags about. The women that don’t get a Hallmark section. The women whose contributions to the mental, emotion and spiritual growth of the next generation go unnoticed.

While making that choice I was met by the women who do have the Hallmark section. The women who are married. The women who birthed the next generation. The women who TOO want praise for the space they hold for their nieces and nephews.

I made a decision to praise these women. All of these women. And most importantly to praise myself. I may not be the greatest but if I can make my nieces & nephews proud. If I can elevate them...I AM the greatest.

Rich Auntie Energy is coming up on a year. My baby RAE is about to turn 1 year old and I’m so grateful that I was chosen to help elevate this movement that is bigger than me. To help give flowers to all the Rich Aunties that deserve their flowers and more. ⚡️

I’m so grateful for every like, comment, boost, purchase, view, imposters, hell even the complaints. I’m grateful for the process. Grateful for it ALL.

When I look back on this one year, five years, 20 years from now…I wonder if I’ll be crying tears of joy like I am now?



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