Auntie, Aunt, Tía, Te Te...

What does it mean to be an auntie to you? 

Who are some of the most influential women in your life? 

What qualities do they possess? 

Are they strong, soft, resilient, respected, and wise? 

Are they someone you can look up to? Someone you can confide in? 

Are you related to these women? Have they been a mentor, a teacher, a coach, a friend? 




To me, an auntie is all of these things and more. 

Many of the women I've called auntie were actually my first cousins but they held me the same. Loved me the same. 

I've had the aunties of friends "adopt" me, nurture me, counsel me. 

When I think about Rich Auntie Energy, I think about these women. 

I think about all of the women who have taken me under their wing even in the slightest way. 

I think about all of the women rich with knowledge, love, and compassion. 

I think about all of the women who have fed me their knowledge, filled me with their love, and taught me compassion. 

I think about the energy that comes from being in their presence. 

When people ask what Rich Auntie Energy is, I tell them:

The Rich Auntie Energy lifestyle is for aunties by relation or relationship.  Aunties young, grown, single, and married are welcome to be a part of our community. 
Aunties who have children and those of us who don't. Aunties who want to share their knowledge, give their love and teach compassion & strength. 
Aunties who have wealth and those that are manifesting it.
Aunties who know that wealth is more than the monetary.
Aunties who know their worth and add tax, interest and a service charge or two.

Rich Auntie Energy is many things to me and might be a few other things to you...and I hope so.

Rich Auntie Energy is bigger than me...than us.

R.A.E. is the women who raised us, the women who taught us, the women who protected us. 

R.A.E. is the strength of an elephant, the softness of a petal, the warmth of a hug all wrapped up in the essence of the women who made us. 

Rich Auntie Energy is you, me, and the women we are becoming.

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